Hair Extensions

I can confidently say I have found a hair extension method that checks all the boxes!

This method maintains your natural hair's integrity, you have flexible movement to style, and is comfortable to wear.

The method I use has been around for a long time, but this technique has been modernized and closely monitored for years to give you damage free results. They are the most natural looking extensions and virtually undetectable in your hair. 

I'm proud to be the first and only hairstylist certified in this method in Tennessee! I can't even wait to help you fall in love with your hair on this magnificent journey whether it be for extra fullness or adding length, I can customize them to give you the perfect blend! Scroll down for information on the process and to fill out the extensions form.


What To Expect

A thorough consultation is the key element. We will talk about your hair goals, any questions, or concerns. If I need to custom color the extensions, it will be included as a complimentary service!

We will take a look at inspiration photos to get an idea of what looks you like and don't like, and what is achievable for your current hair.

After I have a clear understanding of your goal. I'll walk you through what's obtainable, our plan for future services and pricing, the level of maintenance involved, how to style, and care for your new locks!

The hair extensions can last up to a year with proper at home care! Don't worry, I have a killer at home care package to set you up for success.


Tightening appointments are a must every 6-8 weeks.

Every stage of your service will be documented so that we can have a seamless result every single time. 

Down below is a pre-consultation form to fill out. After you have submitted the form I will send an email in 24 business hours!